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    Hello Paul, and everyone else reading this thread. Sorry I could not attend AmiWest 2018 (or 2017 as well), I will make every effort to attend the 2019 AmiWest Show, and if I can get a little help from other members of MorphZone, and the MorphOS Dev. Team members, I will try to prepare better in advance of the show. Getting prepared months in advance I think is the key to providing a better presentation, because all of us are busy with "real life issues", and something always seems to come up to interrupt preparations at the last moment, so preparing long in advance makes the unexpected easier to deal with.

    I've noticed that no matter how well or bad you have prepared for a presentation and know your stuff, it's important to have a small plan on a paper in front of you when giving the presentation even for smaller hobby things. Otherwise it's easy to forget something in the pressure you get there. Even if you check things beforehand and it all feels clear then, the actual situation is a bit different always and can be derailed. I haven't looked any videos from this event, so I don't know if Acill did that or not, but just a note from my own experience that it makes thing so much more comfortable :)


    I don't know if the main problems with poor Internet connectivity via the hotel can be resolved, as getting a temporary 2 or 3 day connection of a good quality and wide bandwidth, is very expensive, and hard to set up, as we found out with the Amiga 30 event in Mountain View, California a few years ago. I will attempt to check to find out if obtaining such temporary Internet service is feasible for the entire show, and ask if the expense is something that all organizations and individuals renting tables want to share the cost of, but I am not optimistic that anything has changed significantly within the last several years.

    Don't you have mobile routers there to have own connection for your own machines at least, if public networks don't work? Cheap router and own SIM, or even some prepaid SIM, shouldn't cost much at all and are fast enough nowadays?
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