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    Acill wrote:
    I am done with this then. If all you have is bad to say instead if just slamming the effort of a demo that I had like 5 minutes notice to do then we are lost to the shadows in all this with no way out into the light.

    Anybody showing off MorphOS at user meetings is appreciated.

    You have been around long enough to know that individual views expressed on the internet are just that: One person's opinion.

    In the past, the MorphOS development team provided access to unreleased software so it could be exhibited at AmiWest. I also personally assisted David to get the embroidered shirts done for the show and helped with various other promotional materials. Moreover, we had numerous community members share recommendations on what software should be presented when they were asked on MorphZone.

    From my perspective, it has been a mutually supportive relationship.

    That said, if you do not enjoy showing off MorphOS, please do not feel any obligation to do so. Time at user meetings should be spent doing things you like. These events should never feel like a burden.
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