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    Piru wrote:
    As to why not travel to United States?

    For me it's a matter of principle. I am not willing to travel to a country who seem it fit to force me to a) give my fingerprint for unspecified uses b) divulge my social media credentials c) unlock crypto on my devices for inspection (and possibly implantation) in order to be allowed to enter the country. If refusing to do so means that I'm not allowed to enter, I don't feel invited.

    As one wise man once said "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    PS. I know such tactics are already in use in other countries as well, and are spreading too. It's an unfortunate development.

    I would really enjoy meeting you. Your work for us has been outstanding!

    I'm sorry you can't come to see us. I do understand the issues you discuss.

    But, in order to have the MorphOS community be there, they have to be there.
    That stated, there are several ways:
    Make a banner, ship it to us, we will display it.
    Send info sheets, we'll hand them out.
    Pay for a table, (very cheap) this gets you on the web page as a contribing member of the community!

    Send Dave or Paul with some support, if the morph guys are in for a dollar, that lots of dollars.

    There are more ways to be part..

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