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    You know what, the demo was me showing off 3.11 and I answered some questions wrong from models I never owned and was a bit off. If you want to nitpick about powerbooks sizes and things that dont work from a few models that chances are people cant even find anymore than so be it. The fact that i come to the show to show things off, got SEVERAL OS4 users very interested in the MorohOS platform to begin with INCLUDING a developer that has no idea things were so close in the way things compiled and work speaks a lot for what I did. I spent a lot to go to the show because I like it, and I bring my MorphOS gear because no one else seems to want to do it.

    I am done with this then. If all you have is bad to say instead if just slamming the effort of a demo that I had like 5 minutes notice to do then we are lost to the shadows in all this with no way out into the light.

    Go jump off a damn cliff.
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