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    I see the usual BS from this community. Things the same as they always have been. A group of people are kind enough to bust their asses to pull off a show dedicated to all things Amiga and a handful of keyboard warriors that do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING constructive for the community, bitch when whatever THEY perceive as important doesn't meet their own standard. Whatever that may be.

    Ascill is kind enough to pack up his equipment, show up at the show on his own dime and on his own time and provides a walk thru of someone else's product (MorphOS) and all you guys can do is Bitch. If you are going to Bitch (as that appears all you losers are good for) then at least get your sh%t straight. Why are you not complaining about the fact that ONCE AGAIN no one showed up from Morph OS to show their product? Don't beat up the guy that is doing this as a favor to YOU, and all you can do is be completely selfish and ungrateful.

    I wish to thank each and every one of you folks that took the time and effort to host and participate in Amiwest 2018 and as far as this "community" goes, if you don't have any thing decent to say or share then please go away as you and your kind are not needed.


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