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    > I guess I was given wrong info when I asked.

    Regarding what?

    > I also mentioned to other I wasnt completely sure
    > why the PCIe version isn't supported.

    Can you give the timestamp of this? I can't hear it at least when the alleged "firmware" reason is given around 18:45.
    Anyway, these were presented here on MorphZone as the reasons:

    > The Radeon 9200 PCI card support is new to me. I could of sworn
    > I tried mine in the X5000 from my Mediator and it worked.

    Really? This would be in contrast to what Spectre660 reported there:


    If this really works while keeping the 3D-supported card for OS4 in the PEG slot and without swapping cards when changing between operating systems, there will be some MorphOS-interested X5000 users happy to hear I'm sure.

    > As far as price that was corrected by a viewer.

    Yes, he said it was "95 EUR or something", but it's actually 79 EUR.

    > The G4 powerbooks with radeon, ibooks and G5
    > I mention should all be correct.

    Regarding PowerMac G5 support, it was said:
    17:59: "The very last models aren't supported but every other model is."
    -> AGP-based PowerMac9,1 is also unsupported.
    18:26: "I think the last time they made the G5 was like a 2.7 GHz..." — "Right."
    -> No, not right. The 2.7 GHz model is AGP-based. The PCIe-based models only went up to 2.5 GHz.
    18:55: "the single-processor ones, [...] they all work [...] very well."
    -> No, see unsupported SP 1.8 GHz PowerMac9,1.

    Regarding iBook support, it was said:
    27:58: "Some of the smaller iBooks [...] 12 inch ones, they won't work as they came with Nvidia cards."
    -> No iBook ever came with an Nvidia GPU, so all iBook G4 models in all screen sizes are supported.

    Regarding PowerBook support, it was said:
    28:10: "All PowerBooks will work."
    -> Not sure why you say that when just moments before you correctly said that the "mini" PowerBooks (12") are not supported because of their Nvidia GPU. Beside all the 12" inch models, not supported are all PowerBook G3 and earlier models, all Titanium PowerBook G4 models (except PowerBook3,5) and the Nvidia-based 17" Aluminum PowerBook5,1.

    Regarding eMac support, it was said:
    28:13: "If you have an eMac, the eMac works."
    -> Actually, the 1.0 GHz and slower eMac models are not supported.

    Regarding PowerMac support, it was said:
    28:36: "Pretty much all the PowerMacs work pretty well."
    -> Beside all the PCIe-based models, not supported are all PowerMac G3 and earlier models, the PCI-based PowerMac G4 models (PowerMac1,2) and an AGP-based PowerMac G5 model (see above).

    > Since when do non radeon models of the 12" work?

    Non-Radeon PowerBook G4 models are not supported, regardless of screen size. Non-Radeon iBook G4 models do not exist.
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