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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > MorphOS presentation about to start


    Unfortunately, a multitude of false, misleading or obsolete information given (e.g. price, Radeon 9200 in X5000 PCI slot support, X5000 onboard Ethernet support, printing system, soundcard support, reason for PCIe-based G5 non-support, supported models of G5, PowerBook, iBook and G3 Macs).

    Well I guess I was given wrong info when I asked. I also mentioned to other I wasnt completely sure why the PCIe version isn't supported. The Radeon 9200 PCI card support is new to me. I could of sworn I tried mine in the X5000 from my Mediator and it worked.

    As far as price that was corrected by a viewer. I haven paid for a key since it was released and I dont remember what I paid, I mentioned I think the price was lowered as well. The G4 powerbooks with radeon, ibooks and G5 I mention should all be correct. Since when do non radeon models of the 12" work?

    Lastly I was asked to go up and demo real fast with nearly no notice so I did the best I could. I would much rather see a dedicated MorphOS member come out to this show and do a proper demo from a real team member. I mean people from Europe come out, no reason we cant get a good demo up and running. They are interested and I had people at my table using my Powerbook all weekend.
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