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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    2003: AmigaOne XE
    2005: Micro-A1
    2008: Sam440ep
    2009: Sam440ep-flex
    2011: Sam460ex / AmigaOne 500
    2012: AmigaOne X1000
    2014: Sam460cr
    2016: AmigaOne X5000/20

    Not to be picky, but since you always strive for historical accuracy, the AmigaOne XE and Micro-A1-c overlapped.

    Whereas the MicroA1-c (originals, not the salvaged batches) were still available in mid 2005...
    Trevor purchase and HJF's declaration of "showstopper"

    The AmigaOne XE was available until almost 2005. The last 2 I know of were prepared by a dealer in December 2004. These were the ones shipped to Amiga Inc. for the Garry Hare irc session.
    and followup

    They had never seen their "approved" h/w before these were shipped to them.

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