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    > happends ... from time to time. Such thing should go regular

    Maybe there'll be Amiga 34 next year. A biyearly event would be enough for presenting Amiga development milestones ;-)

    > and become "AmiEast"

    I've been thinking that "AmiWest" is referring just to the US west coast, not to the entire western hemisphere :-)

    > I do believe there were several availability gaps from 2003 to now,
    > of up to several years in between of products.

    In my reply I was referring to the 2006 to 2011 time frame you proposed. During this, new OS4 hardware was unavailable in the 3 years until 2008 (end of Micro-A1 to start of Sam440). Regarding "availability gaps from 2003 to now, of up to several years in between of products", I'm not sure there were more than the one from 2005 to 2008 that were longer than about a year (availability of X5000 started 1 year plus 1 month after X1000 was sold out):

    2003: AmigaOne XE
    2004: Micro-A1
    2008: Sam440ep
    2009: Sam440ep-flex
    2011: Sam460ex / AmigaOne 500
    2012: AmigaOne X1000
    2014: Sam460cr
    2016: AmigaOne X5000/20

    > One products puts other out of business

    Not always. There was overlapping availability of at least
    - AmigaOne XE and Micro-A1 in 2004
    - Sam460ex (aka AmigaOne 500) and AmigaOne X1000 in 2012/2013
    - AmigaOne X1000 and Sam460cr in 2014/2015

    > I dont get why all sys since 2011 all dual core and no SMP

    Sam460 (ex and cr) from 2011/2014 are single-core. The PA6T chip was never available as single-core. The P5020 was likely chosen over the P5010 because of the relatively small price difference (especially in light of the board price) and for better potential saleability to users of SMP-capable OS (even if just in multiboot with OS4).

    > Why SI Cards were chosen for W3D and Linux usablity was not tested
    > before hinting users to switch gfx cards.

    Warp3D drivers for Linux-supported Evergreen/NI cards were announced as well, but didn't come to fruition unfortunately.

    > You get half done half usable systems which are NOT good representation
    > of what Amiga/AmigaOS [...] is

    ...or are they? ;-)

    > MOS [...] even not yet there with G5s and x5000 SI cards/SMP

    Yes, support for the PPC970 power saving modes (beyond complete switch-off) would be useful. SMP support isn't something I expect to ever come for MorphOS on Power Architecture.

    Edit: some corrections and additions thanks to number6

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