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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > What we need is European central Amiga show


    Yes, that is show that has way more exhibitors as is more
    Amiga and less OS4 centric, its in middle of Europe,
    but happends ... from time to time. Such thing should
    go regular and become "AmiEast"

    They would however need that great TAWS with DOCS in English :-)


    OS4 for Sam440ep became available in 2008, so that's when the 3-year long OS4 hardware crisis that started with the non-availability of the Micro-A1 ended formally. I never heard of anyone who wanted a Sam440 back then but couldn't get one. They were plenty available compared to the demand. Of course, it wasn't an option for everyone as the CPU performance of even the 800 MHz version of the Sam440ep-flex was below that of the Eyetech offerings. This only changed in early 2011 with the availability of the Sam460 (discounting the early 2009 availability of OS4 for the Pegasos II here since it wasn't available new then).

    While your memory is always great (plus time to check facts) I do believe there were several availability gaps from 2003 to now, of up to several years in between of products. One products puts other out of business, so OS4 was ported to PegII when it was unavail, x1000 is unavail and not fully supported yet, SAM440 and SAM460 are fully supported but not available and x5000 is avail but not fully supported. So no happiness at all.

    I dont get why all sys since 2011 all dual core and no SMP, etc. etc. Huge, big mistakes, and not seems to be learning from it. Why SI Cards were chosen for W3D and Linux usablity was not tested before hinting users to switch gfx cards. Why having a hardware and not growing to support it fully, and then moving elsewhere? You get half done half usable systems which are NOT good representation of what Amiga/AmigaOS was, is and should be.

    And that it. Factual story hard to turn around by Amiwest shiny promises.
    Miracle expected and always planned. The reason why I loved the MOS style - quiet and getting things done, trying to support hardware to details (even not yet there with G5s and x5000 SI cards/SMP)

    Enough from me, really.

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