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    > What we need is European central Amiga show


    > mid-crisis [...] (2006-2011?) with no real hardware to sell or
    > SAMs emerging in small batches

    OS4 for Sam440ep became available in 2008, so that's when the 3-year long OS4 hardware crisis that started with the non-availability of the Micro-A1 ended formally. I never heard of anyone who wanted a Sam440 back then but couldn't get one. They were plenty available compared to the demand. Of course, it wasn't an option for everyone as the CPU performance of even the 800 MHz version of the Sam440ep-flex was below that of the Eyetech offerings. This only changed in early 2011 with the availability of the Sam460 (discounting the early 2009 availability of OS4 for the Pegasos II here since it wasn't available new then).
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