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    KennyR wrote:
    Schrödinger's Hyperion - they're simultaneously there and not there. And like quantum physics, the observed state depends on who is asking and how. But unlike quantum physics, the "there" state depends on whether they can milk any publicity without having to pay for it or get into more legal shenanigans.

    It really should be put out of its misery. It was sad 15 years ago. Now it's worse.

    Breaking my silence with small medi on AmiWest and returning.

    Should not be put out. Waiting for Amiga decade happenings is too retro and long.
    What we need is European central Amiga show, since clearly more OS3/OS4/MOS/AROS
    users live at this side of ocean.

    From an outsiders perspective:

    First years of OS4 development, it looked very promising. You could really
    hear what is new. Who was there, could meet people involved.

    As mid-crisis came (2006-2011?) with no real hardware to sell or SAMs emerging in small batches, OS4 scene simply tend to die out. Decisions like not to further develop Acube port to MacMini, to use obsolete PA Semi and CFE, prolongued to eternity development of OS 4.2 and Warp3D for all, fixing Linux for SI cards, Libre office, Timberwolf ... and all other given promises simply nailed it. Prolongued driver development for Tabor and x5000 nails and hurts it further. I mean x5000 users having similar troubles to x1000 and SAM460 owners with betaOS is just proof "Of not learning what NOT to do" - selling half usable,half done package.

    I do hope OS 3.1.4 sales will revive it a bit (scene and thus AmiWest).

    For several years, I do hear and see Steven dodging serious questions and laughing to what is not to laugh at. I wonder how people being there see and hear differently.
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