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    KennyR wrote:

    But in the end, who really cares. AmiWest broadcasts are forty-five minutes of listening to people having problems setting up presentations or the hotel wifi, followed by several hours of filming empty chairs at the sound of people talking in the distance. And if you're really lucky, a presentation you can either see or hear but never both.

    It really should be put out of its misery. It was sad 15 years ago. Now it's worse.

    Thank you your kind words.
    As one of the co-founders of AmiWest..

    I'm sorry that you find us ready to be put down. (ouch) really?
    I want you to know that our little user group endeavor is all voluntary and the little
    budget we have is mostly to pay the hotel and it's services (i.e. net access)

    WE know that this is not the broadcast quality our many followers want,
    But it is what we can afford.
    You could, if you wish, bring your knowledge and resources to help,
    and make our little show better.

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