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    Spectre660 wrote:
    The SFS file systems are not included with AmigaOS 4.1FE for X5000 .
    FFS and the new NGFS are.

    The SFS filesystems are now part of the A-Eon Enhancer software package so now a separate third party
    installation .

    If the author(s) of SFS for AmigaOS4.x are not listening to the general Amiga community, and working toward making their work on SFS for AmigaOS4.x backward compatible with all previous SFS versions, I suggest that everyone contact both the author/programmer, AND Trevor @ A-Eon, AND Matthew @ AmigaKit, to ask them to solve any existing incompatibilities, and maintain full compatibility of all future versions of SFS.

    I'm guessing that the original version of SFS is no longer supported, which is why someone else started a parallel effort, which is apparently only available for AmigaOS4.x.

    The author/programmer might not care about working to fix compatibility problems, but as much as A-Eon/AmigaKit tout the many different flavors of Linux they subsidize support for their hardware, surely they must care about this issue. If enough users contact all three entities, I have to believe that the plea for compatibility will be listened to by one or more of them, and chances to get it fixed will be improved.

    I'm sure there are many X1000, X5000, SAM460 owners, and soon A1222/Tabor owners, who would prefer all versions of SFS to be backward compatible.

    Edit: "parallel effort" is not quite the correct term, if the original SFS is no longer supported, but I think you understand what I mean.

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