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    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    Acill above wasn’t the first by far, it happens from time to time that people who don’t really know the history gets confused about OS4 SFS. Also, people come to these forums to search for info, to learn. Search engines points here. Integrity of file systems are *extremely* important to anyone caring for their data, which most people do! And here you are, actually telling people it’s OK to jump over a cliff because *you* have a parachute or *you* don’t care about safety, fighting the warnings repeatedly with ridiculous “racial” arguments?! That *is* a moronic behavior! Risc your own data all the way you want, but please stop fighting the warnings to clueless people who actually do care!

    'Racial'? More like rabid. And as I've already stated, based on mounting a secondary volume and using it as an exchange medium I don't anticipate loss of anything that can't be restored.
    While I appreciated your advice, I think you underestimate both myself and Acill.
    Neither of us would be likely to experiment blindly with important data.
    And an exchange filesystem needs to be explored for multi-boot systems using MorphOS, OS4 and Linux.
    If not SFS, something else will have to serve.
    I can already save to media that is readable by all OS, and taking this one step further is not an insurmountable issue.
    In the meanwhile, your tone is more than a bit insulting and condescending.

    I think I've managed to learn to approach tasks like this methodically, since I've been using computers for over forty years now.

    @ Andreas, thanks for the initial pointers. It doesn't look completely gloomy. But experimenting with these options will need to be done with caution.
    I'd hate to have to resort to an 'alien' filesystem like the one poster suggested.

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