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    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    The important thing is that you *don’t access* your real SFS MorphOS partitions from OS4 with FrankenSFS handler, and vice versa. To be sure you never mix up, don’t even mount your OS4/FrankenSFS partitions in MorphOS, and don’t mount your MorphOS SFS partitions using FrankenSFS-handler in OS4. Keep’em invisible to each other, and keep’em separated! In other words: do *NOT* try to use SFS and FrankenSFS “to create partitions both OS' can read”.

    Well, now I'll just have to try this, even if it's only to experiment.
    OMG, using SFS handlers from different Amiga related OS', cats and dogs living together, milk free milk. What's next?
    It the end of the world as we know it guys, I'm telling you.
    There can be no mixing! Ever!
    It's unnatural!
    God himself would forbid it, if he hadn't already declared OS4 to be evil.


    Hey, on a calmer note, if I'm not mistaken SFS predates NG, and Ralph Schmidt's work on it. So who is using 'Franken-SFS' is really a matter of perspective.
    If these various implementations don't work with other NG OS' (or Linux for that matter), it seems like that would be the fault of the author of the variant.

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