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    Spectre660 wrote:
    Both OSes have/will have gaps at various points.
    The MorphOS gap is currently in newer cards and the AmigaOS 4.1 gap in older cards .
    A-Eon had two different developers working on initial 3D support .
    Support for cards in the Radeon HD5000-6000 series has not borne fruit.
    Support for the Radeon HD 7000 series and beyond is producing a fine crop.
    It has taken 5 years to reach this stage from the start of the attempt for the Radeon HD5000-6000 Series 3D up to Warp 3DNova for radeon SI cards .
    Two different 3D product have been produced. Warp3D SI and Warp3D Nova(SI).
    There is also a wrapper for Warp3D via the more advanced Warp3D Nova in the works by another developer.
    This will atomically be able to take advantage of the full graphics memory of the video card introduced in the version of the RadeonHD 3.x driver and should also result in much better performance for Warp3D software including existing binaries.

    There will be more fun when we have an overlap in 2D and 3D support for the same cards by the the two Oses .

    Thanks for the clarification. I missed the fact that the older drivers did not get 3D support.
    But I have been paying attention to Han de Ruiter's work, on both the GCN video card drivers and Warp 3D Nova.
    The OS4 community is very lucky to have Hans.
    There are more gaps than the one you mentioned.
    MorphOS has not updated its OpenGL support in some time, and does not support more than one Radeon video card.
    2D and 3D comparisons between the two OS?
    Considering the differences between MorphOS and OS4, that could be complicated.

    Particularly since it seems you are aquiring an edge.

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