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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > If the GCN cards vended with the X5000 perform significantly better under OS4
    > than say a high end Northern Islands , I'd be somewhat surprised.

    At least in terms of 3D acceleration the GCN cards perform infinitely better ;-)

    > support for Northern Islands under OS4 is pretty good

    See my previous comment.

    Wow, good thing I'm not running OS4, or for that matter an HD 6870.
    I'll probably initially use either an HD 8490 or an HD 6750.

    "2D Driver with compositing" I guess they really don't have better Northern Islands support than that.

    So we'll have 3D from the R200 up to Terascale 3, and then hopefully we'll see similar support for GCN cards.

    While they have a huge gap in their 3D support.

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