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    Spectre660 wrote:
    As AmigaOS 4.x is my #1 OS ,I have what works best for AmigaOS 4.x as my default.

    Some interesting comments from SSolie in response to a question here

    The only problem with that comment is its not coming from the guy developing the video drivers.
    But as they are gigantic parallel processors, there are some interesting possibilities offered by using the GPU.

    OS4 is now your primary OS? interesting.

    As I had the chance to explore AMD video cards from the R600 to GCN Gen2, one thing I did notice is that it really depends on what you're running with each gpu.
    The GCN cards really shine when combined with DX11.1 or 12.
    Under Open GL and older versions of Direct X, its a little less clear cut.

    If the GCN cards vended with the X5000 perform significantly better under OS4 than say a high end Northern Islands , I'd be somewhat surprised.
    BUT, GCN does shine in GPGPU applications, and its the future, so going that way makes sense.

    Again, these later cards will prove interesting.

    Mark mentioned to me awhile ago that he'd polled the Radeon R7 260X he had on hand and had gotten info back from it similar to what Hans mentioned.
    But de Ruiter is ahead of him, since Bigfoot insisted of supporting the intervening cards between our current support and the support included in 3.10.

    Obviously, since we have different primary OS', my criteria for video card selection will be different than yours. Luckily support for Northern Islands under OS4 is pretty good if I want to experiment with that.

    Linux? I'll probably install and after playing with it delete it or leave it unused.

    It takes to long to boot on NG hardware. And if I was serious, I'd just load it on one of my X64 systems.

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