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    Spectre660 wrote:
    GCN cards function under Linux PowerPC .
    No gpu assisted 3D of video playback though .
    I use a GCN card .

    Lack of 3D acceleration is a deal killer for me, but I should have pointed out that qualifier.
    In any case, since we aren't talking about extremely powerful CPUs, and I can find Terascale 2 gpus that clean the clock of some of those used on GCN based boards common in OS4 systems.

    As to the card Paul used, a Radeon R5 230, if I was going to use a Caicos based card, I would have picked the older Radeon HD 8490.
    It's faster.

    And the drivers Paul's system has will work with some lower end 8000 and 7000 series cards, as well as higher end cards like the HD 6870 (which can be had really cheaply right now and has very good OS4 and Linux support).

    Right now, GCN Gen1 doesn't really interest me, Gen2 and above (which Hans be Ruiter announced he was developing for), THOSE definitely have my attention.
    Particularly the RX 560, which is cheap AND powerful.
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