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    Hi everyone,
    Well the live streaming demo didn't happen because of the strange way they routed video out of my machine and into a series of switchers and a video toaster 2000 setup I think. It was causing all kinds of sync issues. I didn't want to show the public this crap so I refused to stream it.

    What I did do is demo it at the table and let it run most of the day Saturday. We tried again Sunday afternoon with the same issues. So I was sadly only able to show it one on one. It was very well received however and surprised a lot of people that looked at it.

    some STRANG to me at least things I noticed from "Amiga" users commenting on MorphOS

    1. They don't understand the panels?? I don't get this one, I explained they are just like Amidock and work quite a bit like them, once showing how to create a new one and add applications to it I THINK it cleared it up.

    2. SYS and MosSYS, many sisnt get that the system is split into its own complete dir structure away from what applications use when they install. Once I showed them it was a mirror of sys they liked it and thought it was a great idea, others asked why go to all the work reproducing a mirror of the system drawers, and when they crash OS4.1 and need to install from a rogue app I just laughed at them.

    3. They say they don't like the blue looking defaults and it confuses them, so I showed them a build I did making it look exactly like OS4.1 and it shuts them up a bit.

    4. I had to change out my R250X video card and put in a R230. They made life hell asking why newer cards are not supported. I mostly said because before the X5000 we didn't have a system that would take a newer card and it will now come once its public. This is one we really need to look at long and hard. I know Bigfoot is working hard on this and I am not to worried about it.

    5. The comments on how fast it is over 4.1 made me feel good. Boot up is a fraction of the time it take to boot 4.1 and that was so awesome to see people freak out when they say it boot in under 3 seconds compared to what it takes 4.1, which is considerable more time!

    Thanks to Bigfoot for trusting in me to show this. Amiwest is far from an AmigaOS 4 show. They want more AROS and MorphOS presence and I want to be able to give them all I can every year!! Next year I hope we can get things moving a bit sooner and be ready. I am also going to bring my own projector and video switching hardware. Its amazing just how bad the hotels service was!
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