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    Jim wrote:
    It IS time we moved to commodity hardware, because this custom stuff is a bad proposition.

    I'm just looking at the purchase of an X5000 as an collectable example of our last PPC stuff, I wouldn't recommend the purchase to another person.

    Its not rational. ;-)

    That was exactly my thinking when I first thought about ordering my X1000. I was not expecting Trevor to be crazy enough to continue spending so much money on further AmigaOne designs and production costs. Later, when I learned that the X5000 was going to be produced, I still thought that the X1000 was a special computer, so I went forward with my purchase plans, even after Trevor advised me that I might be better off waiting for the X5000. If I had known for sure that MorphOS was going to be ported to the X5000, I would have cancelled my order for the X1000, and switched to a purchase of the X5000. Still, my X1000 is a nice system for running AmigaOS4.1FE, and some day within the next ten years, it might get a free copy of AmigaOS4.2, but I'm not holding my breath for that to arrive.
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