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    zbysiuk wrote:

    Well, I don't have to pay VAT, so my price is a little lower than the price most of you would get.
    And I do look at this as the last PPC system I will be purchasing.
    And short of trying to find a SAM460, I don't have any other options to use the new video card support (other than wait for an ISA shift - and I'm not that patient).

    No hard feelings, I understend you perfectly. In my case 1k would be acceptable, so as you can see nostalgie has its price :)

    No, I can understand the basic economic concerns involved in this purchase, when an 11,2 PowerMac would probably outperform the purchase of $2000 (or more) of new hardware.

    Its part of what makes the entire OS4 proposition seem so untenable.
    $2000 for an adequate system, or $500 for an inadequate compromise system versus $100< for an 11,2 PowerMac.

    Weird, huh?

    It IS time we moved to commodity hardware, because this custom stuff is a bad proposition.

    I'm just looking at the purchase of an X5000 as an collectable example of our last PPC stuff, I wouldn't recommend the purchase to another person.

    Its not rational. ;-)
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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