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    zbysiuk wrote:

    I don‘t think the X5000 is needed for this or that most declared it was. The new concepts (64-bit, SMP etc.) can be very well tested on G5 Macs. Or which concept is it that can be tested on the X5000 but not on a G5 Mac?

    You're right.
    So, the entire Morphos x5000 project in the context of usefulness is unsuccessful unless one wants to buy new equipment with warranty or like Jim is nostalgic. I'm a supporter of PPC, but I try to be rational too - such a computer for 2k is a bit too much, especially since we have G5.

    Well, I don't have to pay VAT, so my price is a little lower than the price most of you would get.
    And I do look at this as the last PPC system I will be purchasing.
    And short of trying to find a SAM460, I don't have any other options to use the new video card support (other than wait for an ISA shift - and I'm not that patient).

    As to success of the port (or lack of), well its already running on several X5000s and it hasn't even been released yet.
    And I intend to register a copy.
    If only a handful of people join me, that will make it more successful than the SAM460 port. ;-)
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