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    KennyR wrote:
    Did MorphOS on X5000 ever get demoed at Amiwest? I watched the stream at its allocated slot and they apparently cancelled it because they couldn't get the projector to work with its video output. Must have been really frustrating for Acill.

    No, Acill decided not to do it as the quality of the display when feed into their equipment wasn't as good as he would have liked.

    He did give one on one demos to the attendees. I too would have liked to have seen a broadcast demo, but Paul felt it would have reflected poorly on MorphOS. And as his system is set up in a configuration that is supported by OS4, I can understand his concern, since apparently the display was fine locally.

    Maybe its time for AmiWest to consider upgrading their streaming hardware. I can understand the nostalgia value of a video toaster setup, but its not really adequate for processing the video signals from newer hardware.

    The displays from systems running OS4 were also quite blurry and distorted on the stream. For the most part, I could not make out the text in those images. It was adequate for rendering game displays, but for productivity applications it definitely left something to be desired.
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