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    zbysiuk wrote:

    Just one day you'll look and viola

    Very dyplomatic :)


    ...and I limit my questions

    Thank you very much. You limited your questions but is quite the answer :)
    And yet MOST declared that the x5000 is needed to test new concepts with respect to x64. Do you think they have stepped in the right direction, or have you heard any statements about x64?

    I just like PPC systems, so I'm buying one more (as it doesn't look like I'll get support for my 11,2 PowerMac).
    One last system with a processor that is descended from products produced by Motorola Semiconductor, before a final capitulation to the forces of darkness (Intel). ;-)

    As to X64, that does seem to be what will be the focus after this release (or the inevitable next release that clears up bugs present in 3.10).

    And yes, in a way the current PPC work IS a bridge to X64. The last two systems adopted were our first with PCI-E expansion, and the new video card support is for gpus the utilize a PCI-E interface.
    So a lot of this work provides insight into hardware similar to what we will face when X64 is adopted.

    HEY David!
    You arranged and paid for the display table.
    And while its a shame you couldn't attend, life sometimes throws you curves you need to compensate for.

    Further, you've been presenting demos there for how many year now?
    You deserve all our thanks.

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