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    zbysiuk wrote:
    What exaclly is missing in 3.10 to be finalized? I ask because you are closer to the whole thing.

    Not really, actually I just try to do what I can, and I limit my questions.

    Paul's experience with his X5000 illustrates that even with our older drivers/hardware there may still be issues presented by the new platform.
    Bigfoot seems to think Paul's problems relate to interrupt allocation, and he's offered to continue to help trouble shoot the issue.

    That's the kind of thing we get in this community.

    One of the things that kind of pissed me off during the AmiWest presentation was when an OS4 user kept refereing to Odyssey as 'Oddity', but then he's a big advocate of 'Eyebrows' 2.5 (which isn't available yet, will only work on one NG OS, and appears to have some rendering issues).

    I've had help from Fab troubleshooting OWB issues in the past, and OWB is available on all NG OS', but when the OS4 community starts work on something, they keep it to themselves and make pompous comparisons to outside alternatives.
    There is a repeated pattern of this crap and it wore thin awhile ago.

    Anyway, 3.10 does appear to be pretty far along in its development cycle, and when its released it will support all previous platforms as well as the X5000.

    I'd suggest 'two weeks', but it really could BE two weeks, or two months, I don't think it will be two years (we might be using X64 hardware by then).

    So, umm..., 3.10 will be released when its ready.
    And as per usual, they probably won't announce it prior to release.
    Just one day you'll look and viola.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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