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    koszer wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    Without anyone ever really addressing the elephant in the room, why are we not going to support the final, best PPC Mac?

    1. The standard configuration contains incompatible gfx card, and we don't like flashing;
    2. Some additional drivers are required, mainly Ethernet;
    3. Some additional coding/hacking/reverse engineering the hardware is required, e.g. fan control, CPU voltage etc;
    4. Who needs another PPC anyway? x64 support is nigh!
    5. Did I say we don't like flashed gfx cards?

    (above points - well, except for the number 4 - are a summary of my correspondence with some of the MorphOS team members)

    Paying attention recently?
    We haven't had to use flashed graphic cards since the R500 drivers were introduced.
    All cards from the R500 up will rely on AtomBIOS calls, so flashed cards are not going to be required.
    Therefore, we would have a way of running cards BETTER than those Apple supported, in PowerMac G5 PCI-E models.

    Fan control and networking don't seem like a massive amount of work compared to the incredible amount of work Mark had to do for the original G5 port, or the work he has been doing over the last year or so enhancing the Radeon driver.

    IS X64 support close at hand?
    And if it is, why are we worried about the X5000?

    We have NO idea IF the X64 jump will be made OR when, but we DO currently support PPCs, and you haven't really addressed the question.
    Why not the best PowerMac PPC?


    Sorry, I should have read your post.

    Yes, you can use two video cards, and if you aren't interested in running the open firmware card under MorphOS you can make it something cheap like an Nvidia 6600.
    Tie that to the VGA input of your monitor and the Radeon HD card to the DVI input of your monitor, and you'll never miss not having Apple firmware on the Radeon card.

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