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    Jim wrote:
    Not contract work, it looks like it was put together by an Aeon distributor.
    This magazine used to see a lot more distribution, but printed media is losing a lot of readers.
    And the editors are probably pretty clueless about the entire retro phenomenon.
    Pockets of a few hundred to a few thousand maintaining projects on a remarkable range of platforms because we want to.
    Practicality, economics, or any other sound business principles go out the window when you're approaching this as a hobby.
    So every few years, we get someone from the outside publishing something like this 'Amiga's back' article.
    Nothing new, but if people want to pretend it's all a practical, logic, sensible business idea for the general public and not something catering to a small community of hobbyist's...you can cycle back to the first two words of this sentence.
    Just more Bill McEwen type dillusions.

    "every few years"? I believe you have understated this.

    Setting aside the trademark wars over the name itself, we already supposedly have return of product several times this year.

    Granted a claim by the article and not a claim by the Vampire people

    erm...but then there is this from yesterday

    I make no claim as to what is really going on here...just sayin'...

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