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    > If oryginal Amiga OS API 1.x will be not 32 bit big endian only, it should
    > be easy to use qemu/petunia/trance to run 68k Amiga Os apps on x86 AROS.

    No, because ABI and API are different things. You can google and read up on the difference between them. If you do this, you'll know why an API doesn't have anything to do with endianness, whereas an ABI has.

    > Like it is easy to run ppc/68k apps on x86 linux unser qemu

    The reason big-endian Linux binaries can run via QEMU on little-endian Linux (whereas big-endian AmigaOS binaries cannot run on x86 AROS) is that Linux has memory protection (whereas AmigaOS and AROS are singular address space operating systems which are based on message passing concept).

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