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    > I no longer consider your replies to me as rude

    Being rude has never been my intention.

    > let me explain why I refer to "The MorphOS Development Team" as "Morph"

    It wasn't me who asked you about this in comment #43.

    > sometimes with a type of business next to it.

    Always made-up ones at that.

    > It is very complex to type "The MorphOS Development Team" [...].
    > "The MorphOS Development Team" resembles as a long phrase or even a short sentence.

    That's why I usually just type "MorphOS team" without creating any ambiguity :-)

    > Abbreviating "The MorphOS Dev. Team" is not as efficient as "Morph".

    Just typing "M" would be even more efficient, wouldn't it? ;-) "Morph" seems to be too ambiguous for some, see comment #43, and I too think that one should at least distinguish between a product (the OS) and a group of people (its developers).

    > Many others have mentioned "MorphOS" as "MOS"

    ...and were criticized for it (never by me, mind you).

    > MOS is the name of a Hardware Architecture

    Is it? I can't remember I heard of that.
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