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    TheMagicM wrote:

    Fortunately this week has almost ended.

    It is impressive that MorphOS is fast and even faster on SSD. I also want to install MorphOS on SSD.

    But this Fast MorphOS Even Faster On SSD does not make Power Management irrelevant.

    Meanwhile Mac OS 9.2.2 has Power Management functions such as Sleep Mode, and even when use complete restart or Shut Down and Start Up, the previous things open, including the folders, are open again automatically. Even "a-Dock" seems more efficient compared with MorphOS Panels.

    One reason why I do not use MorphOS as often is because of the lack of power management. The annoyance to open everything again by myself, and the energy inefficiency.

    Perhaps Bounty Will Help.

    And perhaps the best device for people to flock to MorphOS, based on success with RISC OS, is a Pi Device. This might or might not attract new development for MorphOS if amount of MorphOS developers have been decreasing.

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    :-) I Support Quark Microkernel. :-D
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