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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > 3.9 is our current latest version, so instead of writing that he would
    > want it back ported to what ever was the most current PPC version,
    > I used our current "latest version", which is 3.9.

    You know very well that 3.10 for PPC (and at least the usual follow-up bugfix release which should be 3.11, if not even more releases) is supposed to be released before any x64 version, so you knew that "3.9" would be wrong. Besides, the severe changes that go with such a backport would surely warrant a version number increase for the PPC version anyway (hence "such version would be [...] the same version number as the then-current version for x64, just for PPC64"). Furthermore, I can't see how "back port to MorphOS3.9" is any shorter or easier to write than "back port to PPC".

    > you just love to find any grammar or content fault, and point it out.

    As I'm sure you have realized, I make every effort to ignore grammar faults (as well as orthographic ones), not least because I'm sure I make many of those myself when communicating in a foreign language.
    As to content faults, yes, I don't like them go unchallenged, so I point them out. And I hope everybody does so when I make those myself.

    > I guess that is one way you get your "kicks" for the day

    ...as much as you seemingly get your kicks from writing things you know are wrong.

    Since you are not typing in your primary language, I no longer consider your replies to me as rude and so let me explain why I refer to "The MorphOS Development Team" as "Morph", sometimes with a type of business next to it.

    It is very complex to type "The MorphOS Development Team" every time mention "The MorphOS Development Team". Abbreviating "The MorphOS Dev. Team" is not as efficient as "Morph".

    Many others have mentioned "MorphOS" as "MOS", while MOS is the name of a Hardware Architecture and also of a company that ceased to exist because of problem factory. Even sillier is the successor company used the same factory instead of a different factory. I do not use this abbreviation "MOS" for "MorphOS" because whenever I use "MOS", I use it as the architecture and the company that made the hardware. And "MorphOS" is not much longer, only type 4 extra letters ... On the contrary there is "The MorphOS Development Team" resembles as a long phrase or even a short sentence.

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