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    In_Correct wrote:
    Also, It benefits MorphOS to be on as many computers as possible, even if it is "just the silly PowerPC". If they feel it is more importance for the X 86 64 (AMD Version is requested.) and also adding the Multi, and the SMP, and the Whatever, then they should do so but then release MorphOS for the PowerPC systems and also including the New Functions such as SMP and Memory Protection and More Than 31 Bit and More Than 32 Bit and Multi Processor. ... Also Better Power Management etc. is desirable.

    But if it takes less time to support the additional PowerPC, it makes sense to do that first. And if it takes less time to support New Functions on Power PC compared to X 86 64, it makes sense for Morph to work on New Functions for Power PC first.

    That doesn't make much sense, when we have such a small group of developers on the MorphOS Dev. Team, all doing this work in their spare time (which has been drastically reduced, as they get older and have families, which take up most of their free time now).

    It does not make any sense to me to ask this small team of programmers to "back port" their work which ports MorphOS to the x64 architecture and gives us memory protection, smp, and "whatever", to the PPC architecture, unless doing so is as simple as flipping a switch on the code compiler, from x64, to PPC. If it is any more difficult to give us the new features of MorphOS for x64 on our existing PPC hardware, I don't think it is worth it, and I would rather have the MorphOS Dev. Team concentrate on our future by improving things on x64, instead of looking backward and continuing to work on PPC.

    PPC was great for us, for a time and served its purpose, but once we make the switch to x64, I see no reason to look back (and if I want to look back, I'll use original Amiga hardware, or probably a Vampire), as there isn't enough PPC specific software that I will miss, and I expect we will very shortly have much superior software on our x64 MorphOS systems. (Edit: If the MorphOS Dev. Team does their job right, and makes it easy to port software to the new MorphOS for x64)

    Modern x64 hardware that I hope the MorphOS Dev. Team will target, will be SO much faster than any PPC system, I just think it will be a "no brainer" to leave my PPC hardware behind, with regard to running the new MorphOS features you are asking them to back port to MorphOS3.9, and just enjoy those new features on the hardware they were written to run on.

    I never mentioned Backport. I only mention if it takes much time to switch to X86 64 Architecture compared with New Functions, especially considering length of release for MorphOS 3.10, that perhaps it would be more efficient to add New Functions on existing support PowerPC computers, especially the ones with more than one processor or processor core, with 32 and 64 bit, while only 31 bit MorphOS.
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