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    SMP AROS is a time for celebration. :-D

    Also AROS ARM Native is another time for celebration. :-D

    Neither have finished. :-(

    In Two Weeks, ;-) I will donate to Bounties and Patreons so Power2People L.L.C. and independent contractors can be interested in finishing. And then my desired laptop with battery door, large internal keyboard including numeric, large 17+ internal monitor, many USB and SD, ARM processor, no need for fans, Non Vidia graphics, ATI or AMD or whatever it is, is better, a laptop that does not malfunction, ... perhaps this desired laptop will exist eventually.

    Also Morph S.R.L. must release SMP and 64 and other updates for MorphOS on POWER and other desired hardware. Perhaps if I donate to Bounties and Patreons they will also be interested.


    amigadave wrote:

    Zylesea wrote:
    While I think this multi processing support (SMP, raher ASMP, but that does not matter that much) is quite a remarkable progress and may suggest to do the same for MorphOS I still favour a clean cut: I mean we have some things that need fixing - most imprtant of course multi processing and the address space issue (somewhat castrated 32 bit - what's 1.8 GB of RAM today with all these demanding webpages...). Introducing this will break compability to some extent eventually and would still be rather patched. Hence I prefer the clean cut: 64 bit MorphOS with SMP for the cost of broken binary compability and probably a little different API (but hopefully as similar as possible and reasonable).

    I totally agree with everything you wrote above, but hope that the MorphOS Dev. Team will add something like Run-in-UAE, or something similar, that integrates UAE seamlessly into the OS, so we can still enjoy running old Amiga software, without needing to manually start up an instance of UAE, and then choose which Amiga software we want to run within it. It would be nice to be able to just double click on an icon of an Amiga software/game, and just have it run, and also quit UAE, if the Amiga software/game is exited.

    Another thing that I would like to see included in MorphOS for x64, is a way to run Linux software and games seamlessly from the MorphOS desktop. Just like AmiKit/Alice does, with AmigaOS3.x and Linux, but obviously, I would want it to be better, and not to depend on having MorphOS for x64 to be running on top of a thin Linux distro.

    Emulator is better.

    DOS BOX is an Emulator.

    A-Box should also be an Emulator.
    :-) I Support Quark Microkernel. :-D
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