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    asrael22 wrote:
    Why all the secrecy about MorphOS 3.10?

    As mentioned before, its not about secrecy, its about security, the beta just can't be distributed, it wouldn't be fair to the development team.
    So if its to be given to a user to demo, I'm sure they'd prefer it be someone they know and are familiar with (so, its not a secrecy issue, its about trust).

    Luckily David will be there to demo MorphOS, and I'm absolutely certain he's responsible enough to make sure no copies are made of this pre-release OS. Dave's been a supporter of MorphOS for a long time (and even shipped a heavy G5 system to Mark at one point).
    And for that matter, Acill is well known in the Amiga community, and his repair work has helped a number of people.

    OK, so, to update, I just talked to Aaron at Amiga On The Lake, an he has a developer friend who is attending, so he's going to contact him about sharing his hotel room. So HEY! Acill won't be sleeping in his truck.

    Aaron also agreed to supply a video card if my HD 6750 isn't suited to the current beta.
    If you guys haven't realized it yet, I'm a big fan of Amiga On The Lake, primarily because I think Aaron has a good grasp of basic business principles, he offers great prices, and superior support.

    IF we can pull this all together, we'll have a demo of MorphOS on the latest AmigaOne to show to the attendees of AmiWest '017.

    Personally, I like this platform (and with regard to the naysayers, I WILL be buying one), so I for one want to see OUR OS demoed on it (after all, MorphOS IS better than OS4 ;-) ).
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