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    Kronos wrote:
    /me donates 50 cans of Redbull so Acill can demo that X5000 21 hours a day (he will be occupied elsewhere for the remaining 3 hours)

    Sounds good, I rely on energy drinks, coffee, and just about any other source of caffeine myself on a daily basis. ;-)

    Remember, we'll hold you to this promise, Kronos.

    Um, as an aside, I exchanged a message with Mark yesterday. He's willing to consider it, but he wants to know who is going to be doing the demo (I told him Acil @ AmigaDave's table), and he wants assurances that the OS will remain secure.
    I informed him it was Acil's intent to install it on a separate drive and that I was fairly sure that neither Acil or David would allow it to leak.

    Now we just need to know what the best choice for a video card would be, I haven't heard back from Mark on that or on my reply about the presenters.
    I tested a Radeon HD 6750 I had on hand today under Windows and Linux, and that's a really nice card. Low draw and good performance.
    But if need be, I can dig up a Radeon HD 4870, which would have the advantage of supporting composting (Mark mentioned in a previous email that the R600 and R700 card drivers support this, butr that the HD 5000 and above don't have it yet).

    Still, a 6750 would offer a better cross comparison etween OS4 and MorphOS as both drivers would be accelerated.

    SO, if everything goes right, we might have a MorphOS 3.10 demo represented at AmiWest this year.

    That REALLY makes me wish I could attend (hey a good OS for the X5000, after all ;-) ).

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