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    amigadave wrote:
    Just show up Paul, and I am sure we will figure out some kind of arrangements for you to share a room with someone. I'm moving rooms from Friday night to Saturday night, but won't be staying Sunday night, as I don't want to inconvenience my neighbors, who will be taking care of my dogs for the weekend.

    You should contact Brian Deneen, the president of SACC, and ask him if he knows of anyone needing to share a room. I waited too long, and ended up not being able to get a room at either hotel, but luckily, a friend of mine decided to go, and had reserved a room for Saturday night, and Bill Bosari has a room with an extra empty bed for me on Friday night, as the person sharing his room can't arrive until Saturday.

    It sure would be great if you could make it, specially if you also had a beta copy of MorphOS3.10 with you, to run on your X5000.

    Keep in touch and let me know if you still can't find a room to share.

    As much as I would like to just show up, that's a long way to go and risk having to sleep in the bed of my truck!
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