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    Acill wrote:
    I've got an X5000 and specifically wanted to run MorphOS on it. Its a shame that I may have to change the video card to do so since mine came with a 250X in it. I'd rather keep using my G5 and not deal with a lesser card. I do like OS4.1 in this thing as well, and yeah while paying for driver updates sucks every time a better one comes out, they do work great. Its no MorphOS though.

    Pity you're not attending AmiWest, you probably could have talked the developers into letting you have a demo/beta copy of 3.10 for that.
    The last time I exchanged messages with Mark (which was at least two months ago), GCN cards were not being given prority, the drivers for cards up to that were.
    So how long it might take to get a driver for your 250X is anybodies guess.
    Personally, if I buy an X5000 anytime soon, I'm using a Radeon HD6000 series card or lower because there is better Linux support for those cards.
    I can loan you an HD 6750 until a GCN driver is available if you need it.
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