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    Pgovotsos wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    The X5000 under MorphOS...
    Again, if you want support delayed further, talk to Mark.
    The man has busted his ass getting the remaining Terascale cards up to snuff.
    He has a Radeon HD 7770 and an HD 7850 (as well as a GCN 2ND R7 260X).
    I have a Radeon R5 240 here I haven't shipped to him yet, and plan to add an R7 250 to that.
    I don't know what other GCN cards he might have, but I don't think he has an R9 270 (any of you want to buy him one, feel free to do so).

    I have an HD 7750 and R9 270X that can be lent. Sorry but they cost too much to give away permanently. Any idea how long he would need them?

    Thanks, that is considerate of you to offer, but he already has a Radeon 7770 and after thinking about it I realized that the Radeon HD 7850 I've already shipped him covers Pitcairn (albeit Pitcairn Pro not XT), so those gpus are covered.

    What I'd like to obtain now is a Radeon R7 250 or 350 (early models, not 250X or 350X, gpus are different).
    I'll get to it, and btw, the donations are permanent.
    Shipping costs to South Africa, and the value of continued support make this essential.
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