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    Jim wrote:
    The X5000 under MorphOS...
    Again, if you want support delayed further, talk to Mark.
    The man has busted his ass getting the remaining Terascale cards up to snuff.
    He has a Radeon HD 7770 and an HD 7850 (as well as a GCN 2ND R7 260X).
    I have a Radeon R5 240 here I haven't shipped to him yet, and plan to add an R7 250 to that.
    I don't know what other GCN cards he might have, but I don't think he has an R9 270 (any of you want to buy him one, feel free to do so).

    I have an HD 7750 and R9 270X that can be lent. Sorry but they cost too much to give away permanently. Any idea how long he would need them?
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