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    >Does he have a PowerMac11,2 he could put a GCN1 card into?

    Um, I do, and I have a Radeon HD 7770 that is due to be delivered Monday.
    However, that card has already been sold, so I was planning on just testing it and shipping it out.
    If I can get a LiveCD that will boot on a G5 and support Radeon HD cards, I'm willing to give it a shot.

    What I don't currently have is an Apple compatible PCIe card for that system, so setting up Linux would present some serious challenges.

    >> The X5000 under MorphOS... Again, if you want support delayed further, talk to Mark.

    >You know my stance on this from our discussion 7 months back (see link in comment #58) :-)

    Yes, I know your stance, and I've repeated mine often enough.
    But then my pov is self centered. I'm willing to install what I need to run MorphOS, and OS4 isn't really part of that equation for me (besides, I can run OS4 AND Linux with a 6000 series card, GCN cards aren't supported with acceleration under Linux yet).

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