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    > Tabor, frankly I wish you had not brought this device into the conversation as it's an
    > unknown, and the only feature it has that fit into the conversation is it's PCIe V1 slot.

    I'm not sure I get your drift. As I see it, Tabor is the key to understand that, apparently, some (or all?) GCN1 cards *can* work with a PCIe v1.0a controller. So if GCN1 cards don't work in PowerMac11,2, it can't be due to the PCIe version, obviously. Besides, I'm not aware I mentioned any Tabor feature other than its PCIe version (and the GCN1 cards it's been reported to work with) in this conversation.

    > Our best bet at this point is to try to get one of our friends in the Linux community
    > to try it. Spectre660 has some great Linux ports for AmigaOne hardware, so he's
    > one possible source of info...

    Does he have a PowerMac11,2 he could put a GCN1 card into?

    > The X5000 under MorphOS... Again, if you want support delayed further, talk to Mark.

    You know my stance on this from our discussion 7 months back (see link in comment #58) :-)
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