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    >> It would be so great if the R9 270X would work! Then I could be lazy
    >> and wouldn't have to swap cards :)

    >If you read what Jim replied to, you can see that by "work" he didn't mean >"work with MorphOS on Cyrus/X5000" but "work in Tabor/A1222 (and Sam460)".

    Thanks Andreas, I seem to have added to the confusion a few have on this issue.
    I have been bouncing between discussions related to the SAM460, the G5, and the X5000, and apparently haven't been clear enough in my posts as to which I was referring to.

    So, first, the SAM...it appears to be able to support at least some of the GCN1 cards.
    So PCIe v1.1 appears to be able to handle the same cards as V2.
    Tabor, frankly I wish you had not brought this device into the conversation as it's an unknown, and the only feature it has that fit into the conversation is it's PCIe V1 slot.
    The G5, is V1 PCIe, and as of yet I have seen no evidence that it can support GCN video cards.
    BUT, if the v1.1 SAM460 can, and Tabor probably can, then it seems possible.

    Our best bet at this point is to try to get one of our friends in the Linux community to try it. Spectre660 has some great Linux ports for AmigaOne hardware, so he's one possible source of info...and there are others.

    The X5000 under MorphOS...
    Again, if you want support delayed further, talk to Mark.
    The man has busted his ass getting the remaining Terascale cards up to snuff.
    He has a Radeon HD 7770 and an HD 7850 (as well as a GCN 2ND R7 260X).
    I have a Radeon R5 240 here I haven't shipped to him yet, and plan to add an R7 250 to that.
    I don't know what other GCN cards he might have, but I don't think he has an R9 270 (any of you want to buy him one, feel free to do so).

    Right now, it about 6:00AM Friday morning on the east coast of the US.
    The Radeon HD 6870 I received yesterday is completely fubared, and I'm feeling a bit disgusted.
    I did manage to order a Chaintech VIA Envy24HT sound card yesterday though.

    And I still intend to buy an X5000. Spectre660's work porting Linux distros makes this an attractive platform for me.
    And it's still got the most modern feature set of any if the hardware we've been discussing.

    The video card support issue...I'm willing to be patient.
    Our best developer is working on it.

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