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    Radeon HD7750,HD7770,R7 250E,R7 250X and R7 265 models confirmed working on Sam460ex.
    Asus R7240-2GD3-L and Asus R7250 (R7250-1GD5-V2)(Verde -Venus LE HD8830M) not working.
    No u-boot display . So looks like Oland and some Verde variants will not work .
    Probably related to U-Boot rather than the PCIe slot .
    Both model work ok on X5000.


    Jim wrote:
    So our only option for the latest video cards will be the X5000.
    Interesting, thanks Andreas.

    BTW - The SAM460 had a V1 PCIe slot?
    That system is supposed to support Radeon HD 7750 and R7 250 video cards.
    If that is the case (and it's not a 1.1 or 2.0 slot), then you would assume that the PCIe G5 would be able to support a Radeon HD 7750.

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