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    For the near future, it seems that if OS4 users are using either a Radeon 7750 or R7 250, they will need to change their video cards to install MorphOS 3.10 as Mark's next video driver update will not include GCN support.

    As Linux for the X5000 does not support acceleration for GCN cards, I've ordered a Radeon HD 6870, which is supposed to arrive today.

    As to whether or not OS4 users try MorphOS, frankly I could care less.
    As a rule, I have generally received little but unjustified hostility from the 'real AmigaOS' camp.
    I'll try out their OS when I receive the X5000, but I anticipate sticking with MorphOS and Linux.

    This port will increase the number of platforms that work under both OS' to three, and will give us a common high performance platform that supports PCIe expansion (because lets face it, the performance of the SAM460 is pretty awful).

    We are probably getting an update to the VIA Envy 24HT driver (which will bring this 'in house') as well as a driver for the CMI8738. So we will have some new sound card options.

    I sold my VIA based sound card because I couldn't get Davey's drivers working, but I can find another.

    So, I have 4 GB of DDR3 and an SSD, I'll have the video card today, and I'll purchase the sound card soon (oh, and I have a decent ATX case, silver not black, but so f'ing what - its going to be a MorphOS system anyway).

    I think Geit might be surprised, there are at least a few of us that want to go this way.

    And, outside of the SAM460 users, we'll be the only MorphOS users able to run GCN video cards once they are supported.

    Overall, I think there are a few good reasons to buy an X5000 (including one of my primary reasons, as a way of saying thanks to Trevor Dickinson for building a Qorlq based system - something I've wanted for a long time).
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