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    Debaser wrote:
    I am waiting with my X5000 as well. :)

    I'm sure that many AmigaOS4.x users who have already bought an X5000, and several more that will buy one in the future, will at least install MorphOS3.10 to take a look at it and test how well it runs on their X5000 systems, IF (like AW stated) they DON'T have to switch video cards to try it. We will likely get a small handful of users who like MorphOS enough to use it occasionally, but they are also unlikely to "convert" from AmigaOS4.x, to MorphOS, as their primary Amiga-Like NG OS.

    My understanding for the "Why" to support the X5000, is because it should be available as a new system for at least a year or more, while the MorphOS Dev. Team has time to work on the x64 port of MorphOS. The knowledge Mark Olsen is gaining working on the new video card drivers (I assume) will be useful for writing the x64 video card drivers for the same Radeon cards, or similar ones.

    The users outside the Dev. Team, like myself and most of the members posting here, probably don't know how long it will take, or how far along, the Dev. Team is, toward completing the first release of the x64 port of MorphOS, so having support for the X5000 might be good for "morale" of some users, while we wait.

    The market for any NG OS in our community is negligible and probably not the driving force behind any decisions.
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