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    Yeah, I don't know where that "what, its not going to be supported now?" comment came from.
    Have we ever had a promise pulled before (unless you count Qbox ;-))?

    I don't expect that many new users either.
    And someone in the OS4 community got huffy with me recently when I suggested that the port really wasn't intended for them.
    I mean really, are we likely to see any OS4 converts? From the 'real' AmigaOs? ;-)

    The utility I see in the X5000, is for the few of us willing to cough up the money for the upgrade.
    and that price is a significant barrier.

    But I want a better video card, and except for the SAM460, this is the only way I am getting that.

    I actually expect it to perform slight worse than a G5, but it will have PCIe expansion.
    And even if we supported the PCIe G5s, they are only PCIe v1.
    That would limit what cards the G5s could support.

    So, I'm part of the MorphOS market for the X5000, I don't think I'm the only member of that group, but I do think its small.
    And that the market for PCIe G5s would be larger.
    But I've talked myself hoarse arguing for that, and I'm beginning to doubt that it will happen.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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