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    Jim wrote:

    Pgovotsos wrote:

    geit wrote:
    There is no real market for MorphOS on the X5000.

    Most systems are bought by hardcore OS4 fans and most of them will never (at least officially) even try MorphOS on that system.

    Is this a implication that the X5000 port isn't going to be happening?

    I'm not sure WHAT geit means.

    It means just what he said, that Jim (should he *ever* buy an X5000) and the five or so other X5000 owners that might *actually purchase* MorphOS, is not really a "market".

    AFAIK, MorphOS has supported the X5000 for a very long time now. This picture is from 11 April 2015, at that time they predicted the port should be finished in October the same year. That's two years ago now. So the support is there, and I'm sure they won't remove it! :-P
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