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    Pgovotsos wrote:

    geit wrote:
    There is no real market for MorphOS on the X5000.

    Most systems are bought by hardcore OS4 fans and most of them will never (at least officially) even try MorphOS on that system.

    Is this a implication that the X5000 port isn't going to be happening?

    I'm not sure WHAT geit means.
    At least one MorphOS developer owns already an X5000 (specifically Mark Olsen).

    I'm buying an X5000, and the only reason I haven't done so so far is I'm unsure if I should wait for the X5000/40 model.

    Look, a port of MorphOS for the X5000 has been announced, so its GOING to happen.

    Opinion of the size of the market for the port are just that, opinions, and not particularly important to the issue.
    After all, how many users did we pick up with the SAM460 port (a system that is no longer available AND doesn't have adequate expansion to allow the concurrent use of a PCI SATA controller card with a PCI sound card)?

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